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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

****Your kinky night with McFly****
you get kissed by Harry
you get frenched by Danny
you have sex with Danny
you then have sex with Tom
you then have a threesome with Danny and Harry
you enjoy it - 99%
This quiz by futuremrsjones - Taken 40 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

McFly; THE love quiz
Favourite Color 
Your lover is: Danny
He will: go out with you
The song you'll be for him: That girl
Who will be your best mate?: Dougie
You two will: Be mates forever
This QuickKwiz by Lindavd - Taken 242 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

The Life McFly & You
Favourite Color 
You will meet McFly While on holiday in Hawaii
You will flirt with Harry
Does he flirt back? Not at all
You end up kissing Danny
You two end up Slowdancing together
Will you meet again? Yes
This QuickKwiz by princessrandom - Taken 509 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

your wedding day with mcfly
Favourite Color 
you will marry danny
your wedding dress will be pink
you will marry in your house
you will honey moon in caribbean
who will walk you down the aisle loved family member
what will happen in the future live happily ever afta together
This quiz by nicolalfc - Taken 643 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

Your McFly Adventure
Favourite Place in The World 
Favourite McFly Member 
Favourite McFly Song 
Pick a number... 
You and Dougie will Make Out Behind an amp
Harry Thinks you're cute
Tom thinks He wants to show you his guitar
Danny wants To marry you
At the end of the night you will Get asked to sing on their tour.
How much do McFly like you - 71%
This fun quiz by mrspoynter - Taken 918 Times. </a>
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Kwiz.Biz Kwiz!

Which McFly Boy Would Date YOU?!
Favourite Member 
Matched McFly Member 
Number of hours you spent chatting before your 1st kiss 657
Will your love last? TRUE
How much does he love you? - 27%
This quiz by jennifer_lae - Taken 1670 Times. </a>
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Me+ Danny :D

Is Danny Jones Your True Love?
Full Name 
Is Danny Your True Love?: Yes
If He's Not, Will I Snog Him At Least?: Nop
If He's Not, Who's My True Love Then?: Harry
This cool quiz by she_cares - Taken 276 Times. </a>
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I'm bored

What will happen between you and Danny Jones?
Favourite Color 
He will Like you
You will Get pregnant by him
Eventually You'll move into a house up in Bolton
Finally You sleep with Tom
This Quiz by mcfly-fan01 - Taken 198 Times. </a>
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what does danny jones think of you?
Favourite Color 
he thinks that your a perfect and smexi
he loves your eyes
wen he kisses you he loves it
how many times have you slept with him? 60 times
This cool quiz by xpwincessxhunnix - Taken 120 Times. </a>
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I'm very Happy :D

McFly Life // You + Danny Jones
Name // Username 
Favourite McFly Song 
You meet Danny.. At a party
You'll get married On Halloween
You spend your honeymoon 
Your honeymoon antics You sit with him while he sings you songs
Your children Two girls and a boy
Your residence 
This Quiz by IndieDannyJones - Taken 622 Times. </a>
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